Set up the right conditions for your personal fulfillment and happiness

Taking up a job is a perfect way to learn and get experienced.

Before you apply blindly to any vacancy or opening, you might want to consider what makes you really tick and what you would love to do, if you want to be fulfilled.

Don’t look for a quick fix or other short-term benefits, if you want to give yourself a chance to develop and grow.

When you have the courage to stand up for yourself you might also feel more empowered and receive support from the environment after initial struggles. Also you can make a better contribution to the organization you work for.

Especially the United Arab Emirates is a perfect place where you can get energized and see which heights you could achieve, when you follow your passion.

Job Search

Thousands of jobseekers are looking every day for a new challenge in the United Arab Emirates. Most companies advertise their job vacancies on their websites, but also in newspapers, through job agencies and head hunters. In order to secure a job in the UAE, it is usually required to be fluent in English. Many companies in the United Arab Emirates prefer job seekers who already have work experience in the Gulf region.

You need to pass a medical check to get a work permit. The medical check includes HIV and Hepatitis tests. Every time you want to renew your work permit, you need to pass the medical check again.

It is not permitted to start working without a work permit.

Before you sign the offer letter and employment contract get familiar with the UAE labor law.

Some good companies to work for

Emirates Airline

Please click on the link, if you want to apply for jobs with Emirates Group:

Etihad Airways

Please click on the link, if you want to apply for jobs with Etihad Airways:

Please click on the links, if you want to register with some job agencies or search for government jobs:

If you cannot find a job

You might want to ask yourself some honest questions:

Do I really want a job or would I rather follow my own ideas; for example creating a business?

Can it be that I am outgrown of a certain position or environment and life shows me through closed doors that I need to move forward now?

What do the voices in my head tell me?

Which ideas flash into my mind?

What I am really longing for?

Where is my discontent?


Life is a journey and continuous change. We are all supposed to grow and participate in the development of our planet earth, so adapt and go with the flow.