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Arabic Music – Khaliji الخليجية

Khaliji is a music characteristic of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf and popular across the Arab world. It is characterized by use of the oud and other string instruments such as the violin, bagpipes, and instruments such as the mirwas, tabl, and duff drums. Khaliji incorporates elements of African, Indian, and Iranian music overlaying indigenous Arabian genres such as Samri, Liwa, and Sawt.


Experience Arabic live music in UAE!

Experience 1001 Arabian Nights with Arabic Live Music Band, Belly Dance and Tanoura Show at Al Hadheerah Restaurant Bab Al Shams Desert Resort in Dubai!

Other hotels with Arabic restaurant regularly offer Arabic live music with belly dancing shows in all the Emirates except Sharjah. Live music shows at the Sewar Restaurant at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center and Awtar Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai are very popular for example.

Visit an Arabic Live Music Concert at the Al Majaz Amphitheater in Sharjah!

Al Majaz Amphitheater opened in 2014. It was built in the style of the Roman amphitheater. The magnificent building is the first of its kind in the region. The architectural beauty of the theater blends in harmoniously with the aesthetics of Sharjah.

Al Majaz Amphitheater can accomodate 4500 people!

Prominent Singers from the Gulf

Saudi Arabia

Abdul Majeed Abdullah عبدالمجيد عبدالله

Dalia Mubarak داليا

Mohammed Abdu محمد عبده

Rashed Al Fares راشد الفارس



Nabil Shuail نبيل شعيل

Nawal El Kuwaitia نوال الكويتيه



Rashid Al Majed راشد الماجد



United Arab Emirates

Ahmed Bukhatir أحمد بوخاطر


Balqees Ahmed Fathi بلقيس

Eida Al Menhali عيضة المنهالي

Hussain Al Jasmi حسين الجسمي

Mehad Hamad ميحد حمد



Al Wasmy الوسمي