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Rent a Car

In order to rent a vehicle in the UAE as a visitor, you must show your passport and a valid driver’s license. The minimum age to drive a car is 21. A credit card is required for security and for the deposit. EC and other debit cards are not accepted as security. Payment of the rental price by EC card may be possible, depending on the car rental company.

As a resident of the UAE, you will need a driver’s license issued by the emirate in which you live.

Choose the best possible car rental company

Europcar currently has the cheapest deposit, at the price of 1,500 dirhams. Other car rental companies charge up to around 3,500 dirhams. Find out in advance exactly what the condition of the rental is in the event of possible damage to the vehicle.

If your passport and driving license are issued in the same country, your national driver’s license is sufficient. If the documents were issued in different countries, you must also be able to present an international driver’s license.

Book your flight with Emirates Airline. As a Skywards member, you will receive Skywards Miles credits for every car rental you book on the Emirates website.