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A trip to Dubai offers countless attractions, exciting tours and events, as well as beautiful beaches to relax at.
Therefore, try to take enough time to explore everything worth seeing. A few days or just a week is not enough time to discover the United Arab Emirates. Besides Dubai, you should also try visiting the other 6 emirates.
If possible, take a tour of the Emirates or a cruise for your first visit in order to gain an overview in a relatively short time.

What you should consider before travelling

Hotel booking

Make sure that the first hotel night is booked according to your needs and wishes. If you arrive in the early hours of the morning, the travel agency often does not book the first night until your second night. This means that you are only allowed into the room in the afternoon between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., depending on when the check-in begins at the respective hotel.

In such a case, the first breakfast would not be included either. Occasionally hotels make rooms available at earlier times if any are already available. However, you have no right to demand this, so think about whether you would prefer to pay for an additional night at your arrival, at 5 a.m. for instance and also get breakfast, or whether you would rather save money and go to the swimming pool/ the beach on arrival and only pay for breakfast.

The same rules apply for the last hotel night. Check-out is usually between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., depending on the hotel. Even if your flight leaves in the evening or at night, you still need to leave your room at noon. Travel agencies rarely book an extra night. Catering also ends at midday. Put all your things in the trunk of your car and go on another trip. If available, you can alternatively book a day room for just a few hours.

Transport to the hotel

If you book the trip as a package deal, transport to the hotel is usually included. This is oftentimes a group transport in which passengers are taken to several hotels. You will only receive private transport directly to your hotel if you book private transport separately. Transport can be arranged upon arrival. However, this does not mean that you can also check into the hotel if you did not book your accommodations accordingly.

Hotel check-in

At certain times, an English-speaking tour guide is available in the hotel if you book a package deal or hotel booking through a tour operator. The guide can assist you with questions, requests, tour bookings and problems. However, the tour guide is not always present in the hotel and is not responsible for helping you with the check-in. You will usually be informed about the times he can offer support in the hotel on site. You will only receive English-speaking support during the tours that are accompanied by a tour guide.

Travel health insurance

Make sure to get a travel health insurance. Pre-existing illnesses are only insured if you have a written clearance certificate issued by your doctor beforehand. You must also inform your insurance company if you plan to see a doctor, as you need their official approval.

If you go to the doctor in the UAE, you are usually expected to pay for the consultation and treatment beforehand. A consultation with a doctor currently costs around AED 600.

Many medicines are available in pharmacies without prescription in the UAE.

Please also note the following before entering the country:

What you need on your trip to Dubai

Make sure to always bring a thin cloth or a light jacket with you, even if you are travelling during the summer season. Although the outside temperatures are extremely high, you will find that inside buildings and cars it can be very cool due to air conditioning. If you are not used to this, you may catch a horrible cold.

Do not forget to pack chic clothing if you want to go to the Burj Al Arab for dinner or a drink. Sneakers and shorts are not allowed and men need to wear closed shoes.

What you should definitely do

Over many years, Dubai has developed into a top travel destination for millions of visitors thanks to its impressive construction projects. Over and over, you will discover new exciting attractions.

Take part in the best Dubai activities!

Do not forget to take part in the top activity, the desert tour!

The romance of the desert brings back memories of Lawrence of Arabia and One Thousand and One Nights.