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Set yourself up for fulfillment

Taking up a job is a perfect way to learn new things and to become more experienced.

Before you apply impulsively to any vacancy or opening, you might want to consider what really makes you tick and what you would love to do, in order to be fulfilled.

Don’t go looking for a quick fix or any other short-term exploits if you want to give yourself a chance to develop and grow in the long run.

Once you have found the courage to stand up for yourself, you will thus feel more empowered whilst receiving support from your new environment after the first initial struggles you may encounter. In turn, you will be able to make a better contribution to the organization you work for.

The United Arab Emirates is the perfect place for you to become motivated by observing the endless heights one can achieve by simply following your passion.

Job Search

Thousands of jobseekers are looking for new challenges in the United Arab Emirates every single day. Most companies advertise their job vacancies on their websites, newspapers, but also through job agencies and head hunters. In order to secure a job in the UAE, it is usually a requirement to be fluent in English. Many businesses in the United Arab Emirates prefer applicants who already have work experience in the Gulf region.

You need to pass a medical check to get a work permit. The medical check includes HIV and Hepatitis tests. Every time you want to renew your work permit, you need to pass the medical check again.

It is illegal to start working without a work permit.

Before you sign any offers or work contracts make sure to get familiar with the UAE labor laws.

Please take a look at the following links if you want to register with job agencies or you are searching for government jobs:

If you cannot find a job

You might want to ask yourself some honest questions:

Do I really want to be employed or would I rather go after my own ideas; perhaps by creating a business?

Is it possible that I have outgrown a certain position or environment and that life is showing me that I need to move on now?

What are the voices in my head telling me?

Which ideas are going through my head?

What do I truly desire?

What is causing my discontent?

Life is a journey and a continuous change. We are all supposed to grow and participate in the development of our planet. To do so, we must adapt and go with the flow.

Below you will find tips on how to set up a business in the UAE: