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The Seven Emirates

Invest in property in Dubai

Buying property in Dubai is a crucial way to create wealth and generate income. However, all investments carry risk. Therefore, there are many factors to consider before investing in Dubai’s real estate market to ensure you get great returns.

8 reasons to invest in Dubai

  • Dubai’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa is providing easy access to many of the worlds fastest growing markets.
  • The UAE is one of the safest places in the world in which to live.
  • Dubai’s vision to invest in world-class infrastructure makes it an incredibly attractive destination for international businesses.
  • Dubai offers higher rental yields than many other mature real estate markets. On average, investors can achieve gross rental yields up to 9%.
  • Property prices per square foot are lower than many other cities globally, making Dubai an affordable location to own prime real estate.
  • New visa laws linked to property investment enable investors to gain a residence visa subject to certain conditions. For properties valued above AED 1 million, you may be entitled to a 2-year residency visa. For properties valued above AED 5 million, you may be entitled to a 5-year residency visa. While for properties valued at above AED 10 million, you may be entitled to a 10-year residency visa.
  • Highly favourable tax conditions in particular,the absence of property taxes and stamp duties, that are applicable in other global real estate markets, also paints the city as a very attractive investment environment.
  • A well-developed broker base means resale of property is easy too.
  • 7 important things to consider when selecting an investment property

      High return on investment (ROI) is the most important goal when investing in property. Securing a property which delivers strong rates of return requires proper due diligence from the outset. Below are 7 factors that might influence ROI:

    • Location
    • Facilities and amenities available, including proximity to transport, education, etc.
    • Size
    • Quality
    • Market conditions and timing of purchase
    • Interest rates
    • Maintenance costs
    • Recommended areas to invest for high ROI

        During the last years Dubai Silicon Oasis offered the best gross returns for apartments. New communities, Meydan and DAMAC Hills closely followed behind.

        For villa and townhouse communities, Town Square yielded the highest gross returns, followed by The Springs, Reem – Mira and Mudon.

        3 tips to get high returns

      • Apartments typically provide stronger rental yields than townhouses and villas due to Dubai’s low to mid-income population.
      • Choose studio and 1-bedroom apartments in affordable communities with established infrastructure, close to transport and essential amenities such as education.
      • Resale of smaller units is faster and offers a better value compared to larger sized properties.
      • Pros and Cons of Off-plan property and ready property

        Investing in off-plan property or ready property in the secondary market both have advantages and disadvantages. Each individual’s financial background and risk appetite is different. Therefore, it is important to adequately assess the risks associated with both.

        Advantages of buying off-plan

      • Investors get a price advantage with under-construction properties priced remarkably less.
      • There is a high probability of the property increasing in value near to completion and handover.
      • Initial down-payments of 5-10%, as opposed to 25% with ready properties, may make purchase more achievable.
      • Developers offer highly attractive, flexible payment plans, in some cases offering post-handover 2-5 year payment plans.
      • Disadvantages of buying off-plan

      • Downward movement in prices may result in the property being valued at less than the initial purchase price.
      • Projects maybe cancelled, or completed after their scheduled date. Therefore, conduct independent research on the developer to verify their track record and reputation.
      • Advantages of buying ready property

      • You may buy a property at a significant discount, when new supply enters the market causing prices to dip.
      • Ready property is often located in areas with completed infrastructure in place.
      • Get rental income from the moment a tenant is found.
      • Receive the added benefit of proven rental yields, when you buy ready property.
      • Disadvantages of buying ready property

      • The minimum deposit required for expats is 25% of the purchase price for properties valued at less than AED 5 million, and 20% for nationals.
      • Expect upfront transaction costs at approximately 7-8% of the purchase price.
      • You need to consider the turnaround time of your chosen bank, if you obtain a mortgage.
      • Take now your chance to invest in DAMAC properties in Dubai!

      • DAMAC has been established in 2002.
      • The developer is the designer and builder of high-end residential property.
      • DAMAC offers a portfolio of branded real estate, hospitality and serviced apartments.
      • The company has close to 35,000 + units delivered as of June 2021.
      • 33,000+ units are in progress.
      • DAMAC puts strong emphasis on quality and luxury.
      • The superior design of DAMAC developments is a result of working with the most talented craftsmen and women as well as partnering with some of the most prestigious fashion and lifestyle brands such as:

      • FENDI CASA
      • Justcavalli
      • DAMAC Lagoons

        Experience eight wonders of the Mediterranean!

        Eight of the most beautiful cities come alive in this stunning community destination. Explore all they have to offer from the comfort of your luxury Dubai home.

        DAMAC Lagoons is nestled in the lap of DAMAC Hills. Find your place across 42 million square feet and some of the most unique experiences the city has to offer. Central to this extraordinary community is Trump International Golf Club Dubai with its iconic clubhouse, high-end dining outlets, pro shop and spectacular leisure escapes.

        For inquiries please contact: