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The Best Time To Travel

The best time to travel to Dubai

The best time to travel to Dubai begins in November and usually ends in April.
The months of November, December, January, February and March are best suited for city tours in the exclusive Dubai and the other Emirates. November, December and March are ideal months for desert safaris.

Dubai’s best time to travel for each month

The best months to travel are usually November and March. This is the best time to go to Dubai for a beach holiday. The air temperature during these months is around 30 degrees, meaning you can stay out sunbathing for far longer. The sea water has pleasant temperatures of around 24 degrees. Even in the evening it is still warm, so you can stay outside without a jacket.
From mid-December to February the temperatures at noon are sometimes only around 22 degrees. In the later hours of the afternoon it can get so chilly that you may need a jacket. The water temperature is only around 20 degrees during these months.
Between the months of November and April there is a higher chance of rainfall.

The hot summer months

In May the temperatures usually rise to just over 40 degrees, often reaching up to 49 degrees in the months of July and August. The humidity can rise up to approx. 88%. During this period, the sea water no longer offers any real relief from the heat with temperatures of around 30 degrees. However, swimming pools in hotels are thankfully tempered to colder temperatures.
In the summer months there are occasional sandstorms which may restrict your view.
Do not forget to take long clothes or a jacket with you if you travel to Dubai or any of the other emirates during hot summer months. Many buildings are even much cooler due to air conditioning.

Drive to Salalah in the neighbouring country Oman if it is too hot for you in the UAE in midsummer. It’s much cooler there during the hot periods.

September and October

From early to mid-September the air temperature is often around 40 degrees. From mid-October the outside temperature at noon is at around 35 degrees.

What you should think about before entering the United Arab Emirates: