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Arabic Clothing – الملابس العربية

Comfortable and modest Arabic clothing has developed to suit the climate and lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates.

National Men’s Attire

Kandoorah كندورة/Dishdasha دشداشة

A long garment with long sleeves for men normally made of cotton on white and sand colors, but wool and other colors can also be used, especially during winter.

Wizaar وزار

A wrapper for men typically worn underneath the kandoorah/dishdasha.

Ghitrah غترة

A headscarf for men and common on white or white & red colors.

Gahfiya قحفية

A white hat for men worn below the headscarf.

Agaal عقال

A black rope for men to hold the headscarf in place.

Bisht بشت

On special occasions, a long black, brown, beige or transparent garment of a fine wool or cotton material, with gold and sometimes silver embroidered edges, is worn on top of the kandoorah/dishdasha.


National Women’s Dress

Abaya عباية

A long usually black dress on top of clothes. Nowadays they are often decorated with crystals, embroidery etc.

Sheila شيلة

A headscarf is worn to cover the hair.

Jallabiyah جلابية

A traditional long dress in colors.

Where can you buy Arabic clothing?

Immerse yourself in Arabian culture before and during your trip by stocking up on matching clothing and travel accessories with Arabic design!

You can buy traditional Arabic clothing of the United Arab Emirates in numerous shops in the seven Emirates. A large variety you will find at Souk Al Bahar Dubai Mall and at Khan Murjan Souk Wafi Mall Dubai for example.