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Arabic Cuisine

In the past, the Arabic cuisine of the Gulf countries was dominated by the Bedouin and pearl diver’s foods. The choice of ingredients was quite limited. It consisted of seafood and rice brought by dhows, which traded along the East African and the Indian sub-continent’s coasts.

Arabic cuisine of the Persian Gulf today is the result of combination of several cuisines, incorporating Persian, Indian and Lebanese cooking styles.

Fish, seafood and dates are very popular nowadays in the Arabic cuisine of the Persian Gulf. Lamb and fish are offered with a variety of side dishes.

Breakfast ريوق

Cheese and Zaatar Manakeesh مناقيش الجبن و الزعتر

Cheese and Zaatar Manakeesh is a popular breakfast in the Middle Eastern Arab cuisine. It is also eaten as part of a mezze or as a snack. Much like a pizza it can be sliced or folded.

Balaleet بلاليط

Noodles, onions, sugar and oil, usually served with fried egg on the top.

Khameer خمير

Khameer is a traditional Emirati bread with sesame.

Appetizers مقبلات

Nakhai نخي

boiled chickpeas

Bajillaa باجلا

boiled brown beans

Main Dish الاطباق الرئيسية

Machboos مجبوس

Machboos is one of the most popular Emirati dishes. It consists of rice and can be made with chicken, meat or fish, as a topping for the dish.

You can find the Emirati Machboos Chicken recipe below:

Harees هريس

Harees is one of the most popular traditional dishes in the Arabic cuisine of the Persian Gulf. It consists of meat and cracked wheat with spices.

Tharid ثريد

Tharid is a traditional dish and especially eaten during the holy month of Ramadan. The dish contains of meat or chicken with vegetables. It is served with bread.

Madrubah مضروبة

Madrubah is an Arabic dish with rice, meat or chicken with tomato, onion, garlic and spices.

Sweets فوالة

Khabees خبيص

Khabees is one of the oldest traditional desserts and made from roasted flour, oil, sugar, saffron, cardamom and rose water.

Luqaimat لقيمات

Luqaimat is one of the most popular Emirati desserts. The small dumplings are made of butter, milk, sugar, flour, saffron and cardamom. Luqaimat is deep-fried and served with date syrup.

You can find the Emirati recipe below:

Bitheeth بثيث

Bitheeth are freshly ripened dates with sauce.

Maamoul معمول

Maamoul is a popular filled cookie made with dates or nuts such as pistachios and walnuts.

Baklava بقلاوة

Baklava is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts, and held together with syrup or honey.

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