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Business in UAE

Getting started

Starting a business in the UAE has become quicker and easier than ever, following the vision of the Department of Economic Development in order to help business owners launch and expand their operations without the need for tediously long administration processes.

The DED is a government body created to set and drive the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai, UAE. The DED and its agencies, Dubai SME, Dubai Exports and Dubai FDI, develop economic plans and policies, identify and support the growth of strategic sectors and provide services to domestic and international investors as well as businesses.

Opening office

Licensing a company in the UAE can be done in no time in order to get you up and running quickly, with full licensing processes being completed at the same time as you set up your organization. Your business can be up and running in about a week once you have sorted all of the necessary legal procedures.

Here’s a quick guide for your key business start-up essentials

What type of business are you?

To begin, you will need a license from the DED, a body which regulates foreign ownership. Your business type determines what licence you will require which in turn will define how your operations run. Key licence types include commercial, professional and industrial but there are over 2000 activities to choose from.

Bear in mind some activities, such as aviation operators, food and pharmaceuticals distribution, jewellery, veterinary and legal practices do require additional government approvals.

Key steps

  • Determine a business activity
  • Choose a legal form
  • Choose your trade name
  • Apply for initial approval
  • Prepare MOA & LSA agreement
  • Establish your business location
  • Wait for the approvals
  • Collect your new business license

For more details click on the link below :

How to be fulfilled in your business

Fulfillment and success are both aspects strongly connected to the needs of the soul.

  • Be optimistic, don’t constantly ask yourself: “Is this worth it”
  • Dream, develop ideas, be playful, find a cause
  • Get inspired
  • Be of service to a broader community and try to solve problems doing so
  • You will not attain the heights of success by being selfish, it will come from serving others
  • Have a greater sense of purpose in your life

Invest in the activities, not the goal

Forget about the outcome.

Clearly envision your goal and focus all of your passion into the process. Just do the very best you are capable of. When you focus on the activities, you will enjoy the journey and not be under so much pressure.
The more you detach yourself from the goal, the higher the probability that you will achieve what you crave.

The universe is your ally

Life will sometimes not go your way, but once you stop labelling things as failures you will not suffer. You are an instrument of the universe; this is your path so be patient. Sometimes in life you need to pause and think. Get inspired by nature. It’s simply not possible to plant seeds every day of the year. Things need time to develop and grow. Let the universe guide you. It gives you what you need exactly when you need it.