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Our Vision

Our Vision

The UAE will transform your life!


Become a lover of the UAE

This website was created for all lovers and enthusiasts of the United Arab Emirates and the neighboring gulf countries. Our objective is to offer an enjoyable experience whilst conveying interesting facts about the life of the local population.

We can all be more than we are. Either in terms of our knowledge, our behavior and our interactions with each other.

I am a hotel as well as a tourism specialist and have studied communication psychology. During my 7-year work experience as a representative of travel companies in Dubai, I found out that the knowledge of vacationers, visitors and expats, with regard to life and opportunities in the Emirates, can be expanded.

Be recognized as respected ambassadors for your country

The aim of this website is to help visitors and foreigners who live in the United Arab Emirates and the other Gulf States avoid problems in their everyday lives. The Website serves to help you be recognized as respected ambassadors for your country and to in turn improve your reputation.

Be awesome

You will be impressed by the multitude of different nations that live together peacefully in the UAE. More than 200 different nationalities combined have created something that is better and more effective than the knowledge and methods of only one culture alone. In the United Arab Emirates nothing is impossible, as long as you have the courage to move in the desired direction and to take the first steps towards your goal. Here you will learn to make significant personal changes in the right kind of environment and to hold on to your vision of a worthwhile life.

What do you really want to accomplish in life? Let yourself be inspired by the achievements of this country, where many things have become possible that obviously could never be implemented anywhere else in the world!

No matter how long you plan on visiting the Emirates and other gulf countries, be prepared. On the website you will find a lot of information regarding vacation, work, social norms, business start-up, culture, living etc.

Diana S.

Below you will find 8 tips on how to avoid problems: