Life in UAE

Labor Law

10 important things for guest workers to know

Please download the labor regulations with an overview of your basic rights and obligations on below link:


Working Contracts

Please be aware that there are two types of contracts:

  1. Contract with a limited period
  2. Contract with an unlimited period


Learn more about labor law on the below link:


Innovative Apps

Make use of e-services via the below smartphone apps which can be accessed limitlessly. Please download the apps available on the Apps Stores and Google Play.


The app provides a number of procedural and informative services to both employers and workers, as well as public relations officers (PROs), government partners (G2G) and the community in general.

Aamen App:

The app provides laws and regulations relevant to the employment relationship, the wage protection system, smart facility self-assessment mechanisms and an overview of the virtual labor market.

Salama App:

The app provides services related to health and safety measures, it enables users to report any work-related injuries that occurred on worksites.