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Arabic Clothing

Comfortable and modest clothing has developed to suit the climate and lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates.

National Men’s Attire

Kandoorah كندورة/Dishdasha دشداشة

A long garment with long sleeves for men normally made of cotton on white and sand colors, but wool and other colors can also be used, especially during winter.

Wizaar وزار

A wrapper for men typically worn underneath the kandoorah/dishdasha.

Ghitrah غترة

A headscarf for men and common on white or white & red colors.

Gahfiya قحفية

A white hat for men worn below the headscarf.

Agaal عقال

A black rope for men to hold the headscarf in place.

Bisht بشت

On special occasions, a long black or brown transparent garment of a fine wool or cotton material, with gold and sometimes silver embroidered edges, is worn on top of the kandoorah/dishdasha.


National Women’s Dress

Abaya عباية

A long usually black dress on top of clothes. Nowadays they are often decorated with crystals, embroidery etc.

Sheila شيلة

A headscarf is worn to cover the hair.

Jallabiyah جلابية

A traditional long dress in colors.