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Arabic Coffee – قهوة عربيّة

Arabic Coffee is a symbol of the generosity attributed to the citizens of the UAE. Serving Arabic coffee represents an important aspect of hospitality. It is a national tradition. Arabic coffee is of great significance in Emirati and Gulf heritage. Welcoming and honouring of guests remains incomplete without serving coffee. This is in addition to the other signs of hospitality to which guests are entitled. It is a welcoming and warm reception.

A guest who is not offered coffee may feel disrespected. Drinking a cup of coffee has been made a sign of tolerance and reconciliation between disputants. Letting a guest leave without serving them a cup of coffee is evidence of the continuation of a dispute. It is an indicator of the disgrace of the host, who should have been more cordial to their guests.

The traditional coffee, gahwa قهوة, has a mild flavor. Gahwa is bitter and is never sweetened with sugar. Cardamom and saffron are often added spices. Fresh dates are offered to accompany the aromatic brew. The coffee is poured from the dallah (coffee pot) into a small ceramic cup without handles, known as finjaan. The cups are only half filled, but buests may have several refills. It is polite to accept two or three cups. Shake the empty cup from side to side, when you had enough coffee.

Experience Emirati Culture!

Enjoy traditional Emirati cuisine hosted by Emirati presenters inside the traditional houses of Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The houses are located in Dubai’s historical Al Fahidi neighbourhood.

You will learn about the Emirati culture through the shared experience.

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