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Arabic Handicrafts

Al-Sadu الصدو

Al-Sadu means traditional form of weaving. Emirati women have been practicing Al-Sadu since ancient times. The traditional craft fulfills the basic needs of Bedouins and nomads in the desert.

Black tents are made of goat haircloth and furniture including blankets, carpets, pillows and cushions is also created. They decorate the saddles and belts of their camels in exquisite shape and colours.

Emirati women have created a traditional art form with various designs, decorations and bright colors. It is one of the handicrafts which has provided the materials for decorative accessories for camels and horses. Traditional products have been produced with advanced and innovative techniques.

Pattern and Symbols

Al-Sadu weaving reflects the Bedouin environment with symbols, shapes and inscriptions. Patterns and symbols such as simple geometric shapes and the undulations of grasslands and sand are used. The decorative designs may reflect palm trees and flowers, Qur’anic verses, images of mosques and camels. The names of tribes are added to the artworks sometimes, because Arabs are very proud of their ancestry.

Visit the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi!

Experience the traditional aspects of the desert life. You can shop, explore artworks and watch artisans weaving fabric on a loom. The traditional oasis village was reconstructed to provide an interesting glimpse into the emirate’s past. Craftsmen show traditional skills like metal work, pottery, weaving and spinning. The artisans share their skills, and sometimes offer also to try them out.

The Heritage Village is located near Marina Mall Corniche Breakwater and daily open from 9:00am to 4pm. Friday opening hours are from 3:30-9:00pm.

The entrance is free of charge.